I only work in beautiful places with beautiful people.


Yesterday I took part in an audition for a new television program. We were all sitting in a circle debating on a topical issue. It really was not my intention to do so (my boss recommended a friend and I accompanied him) and indeed it was disastrous for that story that I prefer to listen to.

I had forgotten how similar we are. I would tell him that I miss him so much, that everything will be fine, that I’m a piece of shit when dealing with friendship and pride and that sometimes I’m so sorry for being me. But I’m scared as fuck.
So pathetic.

It was Saturday night and I was in a literary bar learning how to play Backgammon so I was sad and drunk and so I decided to spend the night on the Amalfi Coast eating slushy lemonade waiting for the dawn.

Every time I tell my friends ”I have to tell you something” they think I’m going to coming out.

Please, someone tell me that the last episode of Twin Peaks is a joke.


I worked for three days in contact with a sort of herbs’ Sibyl -the most hippy person I ever knew-, I ate salads with daisies and I learned that my star is Sirius and my plant is the fig tree.

I’m at home, waiting for my friends, I have my eyes wide open and fixed at monitor and in my left hand I’m holding the phone and my right leg is quivering. Coffee pls love me.

La solitudine di Plutone.

Anonimo:  what's your job?

I’m a videomaker and I’ll deal with the documentation for this big project

omg I love my new job.

Anonimo:  Sei bellissima.

Grazie, lo sei anche tu sicuramente.