Anonimo:  why?

Most of the time panic attacks don’t have a specific trigger.

Yesterday I had my first panic attack. So brutal.


Julian and Simon are what I’ve always wanted to be with my friends. They live in two different countries, they meet each other every summer and their friendship has never changed - I couldn’t keep close friends who have moved away, we crumbled, we have changed and maybe our willpower was not enough.
When I spend my afternoons with them they speak German for most of the time, but I can’t get bored because their friendship is so pure and genuine and the only thing I can do is watching them with a huge sense of admiration.

Last year I accepted the offer to create a format for a cool event in a cool place. After one year, unfortunately, I couldn’t sort out nothing at all, too many tasks and works and exams and my desire to do this project is gradually going to disappear. Now I should send a message to the person who has believed in me to tell him that I can no longer continue the project and I feel defeated and frustrated and ashamed.

I wish I was pretty in white.

Anonimo:  quindi sei nuda? e vivrai con 7 prostitute?

La valigia mi è stata restituita e le prostitute erano state cacciate. 

Anonimo:  è molto triste quello che hai detto su M.


Today I finally came home after working for three days in the loveliest of the villages. We did a pretty good job accomplishing nine videos -to be able to finish the last clip we couldn’t sleep tonight- we had a lot of fun, stress and bad wine. My phone is broken and I left the suitcase in the car of my co-worker - so now I’m totally without clothes and makeup.

carlosbigne said: oh anche io ne avevo trovato una con due prostitute dell’est a roma <3 <3 (non perdere la speranza, suvvia)

Alla fine le prostitute si sono rivelate 7, ma la casa è abbastanza figa.

Sto andando a vedere un’altra casa a Napoli. La scorsa era un cesso senza finestre, questa era abitata da tre prostitute rumene.

I’m checking for cheap flights to Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Does anyone have a guide on how to put in agreement six people?

Anonimo:  Do you have any tattoos?


Anonimo:  why you never talk about M. ?

Because we can’t see each other so i haven’t new memories to tell.

  • bed hair 
  • eye circles
  • chickenpox scar
  • ridiculous lovely cap with dinosaurs